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Methodology Of AL-Kareem School
Al-Kareem School is one of the pioneering institution which focuses on skilled based, student-centered, and personalized model of learning.

We adapt modern techniques to a large extent is participatory reducing the lecture method to minimum.  The process of learning includes digi classrooms, discussions, problem solving, role play, project work, field trips and other interactive activities.

Science fair, elocutions, and workshops also form an integral part of the school curriculum. Teachers use a child-centric style which fosters confidence and the development of aesthetic, social, critical and analytical skills through an integrated method.

Teachers are always there with an individual child, a group or a whole class, a flexible teaching method that is most appropriate to the situations are applied. Al-Kareem School always welcomes to dedicated staff or parents for providing the opportunity for all students to be challenged and successful.

Methodology of teaching is always planned taking into account the different learning styles depending on strengths & weaknesses of students.

Al-Kareem School focuses more on making children raise questions and then find answers, the teacher guides the class and helps them build skills where by learning has long term impact and not just for exams. Methods will be implemented by concerned teacher to understand and remember for long term rather than memorize. Focused on developing language and communication rather than getting children to learn answers from the lessons. Mock tests and unit tests will be conducted regularly and followed by parents meeting, so that the parents can understand better where the child is standing.
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2017-08-03 :- Independence Day Celebration (Fancy Dress Competition) BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY -(BEE) Minis

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