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Curriculam Of AL-Kareem School
Text book and syllabus teaching is generally offered in every school. What makes Al-Kareem School different and distinct, is that it offers education that goes beyond the routine coaching and classroom training as well as one that meets the demands of the future.

Every child is provided opportunities to face the future challenges and focus on studies without distraction. To facilitate the same, the syllabus is divided into three semesters and the evaluation of the progress of the students is done, based not merely on their academic proficiency, but on their overall performance, based on various parameters that helps judge their analytical skills and personality development and guide them accordingly. special attention will be provided to the slow learners.

Al-Kareem Pre-Primary works Monday to Friday and has two levels according to age group.
PP - I Environment: 3-4 yrs

PP - 2 Environment: 4-5 yrs

Language Development

Pre-Reading & Pre-Writing Skills


Pre-Number Concept

General Knowledge

Understanding of the world; science & environment

Physical Development

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Creative development

Emotional & Aesthetic

In the primary section (I - V) children follow a course in English, Mathematics, G. Science, E.V.S & Social, While Urdu, Telugu and Hindi are offered as optional for language studies. A strong empahasis is laid on the development of English language, improving the skills of the students in the verbal, spoken and written aspects.

The core of secondary section (VI - VII) course of study may be broadly classified in to the three categories namely the Science, the Arts & the Languages. Science is further divided in to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The curriculum in the Arts deals in Social Studies which comprise History, Geography, Civics & Economics. Although certain coherence is strongly advised.

Islamic Studies

Class I to VII


Arabic Language

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News & Events

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2017-08-03 :- Independence Day Celebration (Fancy Dress Competition) BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY -(BEE) Minis

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