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About AL-Kareem School
Welcome to AL-Kareem School. Our school is caring and friendly place where children can grow and learn in a secure, creative and friendly environment, it is also a happy one!. Staff, pupils, governors and parents get on well and work together.

We believe that an all round education both Islamic and modern studies is important for development and we are determined to do our best for every child in the school. Our school life, discipline and our expectation of all members of school community, staff and pupils is based on the Islamic ways and sayings of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). This makes us distinctive and help us to encourage a spiritual dimension to the life of all our pupils (Inshall Allah).

  • To provide an environment and educational experience that will enrich and contribute to the intellectual social, physical, spiritual and creative development of each child.
  • To provide a stimulating environment for children and encourages learning through active participation and interactive methods.
  • Moral instructions to inculcate the moral values essential in human beings.
  • To develop higher level of achievement in academic work as well as other fields.
  • To help in build up self confidence and extract potential in order to generate a more positive and creative attitude.
Al-Kareem School's Vision is to provide the students the best of both the worlds. i.e, Islamic and Modern education. For that we are struggling day by day to improve ourselves by changing our school environment. All our faculties are trying their best to improve the skills which is present in every student of Al-Kareem. Our main aim is to make each and every student the coolness of their parents, teachers and every elders by giving them akhlaaqi (Moral) Lectures.
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1. Up Coming Events
2017-08-03 :- Independence Day Celebration (Fancy Dress Competition) BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY -(BEE) Minis

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